Learn from proven growth tactics and campaigns that we implemented for GrowForce and our clients.

Have a clear understanding of the pirate funnel and how to talk growth within the team.

Hands-on mentorship by the GrowForce consultants during the 1-1 video calls.

Be part of the Private GrowForce academy Slack Community (+200 alumni). Share questions, tools and mighty new tactics.

Course Curriculum

This is the Growth Marketing program that I always wished existed. This is the collective knowledge of 10 Growth Marketing Consultants at GrowForce

Lesson 1
Growth Marketing 101

Learn what growth marketing is and how to organize it within the company using the pirate funnel and its stages.

Lesson 2
Growth Marketing Prerequisites

Learn what needs to be in place before you can start with growth marketing. The better these basics are outlined, the better you know will be able to brainstorm experiments.

Lesson 3
Quick Wins to Get Started

Learn growth tactics and tools you can implement right away to improve important metrics on your website.

Lesson 4
Roadmapping your Growth

Get to work with our 2 canvasses to activate and organize the brainstorming process. We’ll finish this lesson with canvasses filth with growth experiments.

Lesson 5
Experiment Design

Learn the methods we use to perfect outline the experiments that have the highest impact, ease of implementation and the most potential for growth.

Lesson 6
The Growth Marketing Process

Learn to implement growth in your company. Once you learn this process, the exponential growth possibilities are endless.

Lesson 7
Tracking your Growth

Learn how to track the results of your growth experiments. Only what gets measured, gets improved. Data is king!

Lesson 8
Idea Generation: Spy & Steal from your Competitors

Good artist copy. Great artists steal. Learn how your competitor is driving traffic to its website and generating leads.

Lesson 9
Linkedin: Optimization & Automation

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for your B2B outreach. Learn how to use LinkedIn to find your target audience, drive traffic to your website and automate the entire process.

Lesson 10
Traffic: Cold Email in GDPR times

Learn how to optimize your cold outreach for maximum conversion. We’ll teach you how to structure your emails, how to build dripping campaigns and which data you can use.

Lesson 11
Traffic: Social Advertising

Learn how to get paid traffic from social channels to your website and/or landing page. We share our best practices so you can launch your first campaign in a lean, profitable and scalable way.

Lesson 12
Traffic: SEO

Learn how to optimize your website and its content for search engines. Learn how to get the first place in the search engine results.

Lesson 13
Traffic: SEA

Search advertising is a powerful way to get your messaging in front of a big audience of interested customers. Learn more about advertising on search engines and drive relevant traffic to your website.

Lesson 14
Conversion: Lead Magnets

Lead Magnet can completely make or break your lead generation success. Learn how to create an awesome lead magnet and maximize the number of targeted leads.

Lesson 15
Conversion: Landing Pages

Learn how to build high quality landing pages that actually convert. We’ve made a landing page checklist to make sure all your pages are optimized for generating leads.

Lesson 16
Marketing Automation

We’ll teach how to set up your first automation flow and build amazing customer journeys. This is the first step to build your sales and lead generation machine.

Lesson 17
API’s & Data Scraping

Learn the technical skills to become the best growth marketeer out there. These tools will give an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Lesson 18
Writing Copy that Converts

Learn how to write effective copy for your ads, articles and your website. Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing.

Lesson 19
Sales & Marketing Process Re-Engineering

Learn how to organize qualified leads between marketing and sales. Learn how to create the perfect blueprint and choose the CRM your company needs.

Lesson 20
How to Implement Growth within your Company

Learn how to onboard your entire team, how to organize growth meetings and how to keep everybody accountable for their growth experiment responsibilities.

Quarerlty Growth Marketing Summit

Learn Molly's proven strategies for taking your newfound skills to the market as a in-house media buyer, a consultant, or an agency.

Who should take this course?

This course is excellent for entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital consultants, account managers and sales, recent graduates and employees looking to learn more about growth marketing.

It is perfect for anyone looking to update their digital skills, gain a fresh perspective or develop a successful automated sales strategy for their business

Entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers

Perfect for one-man armies. The course will teach you how to think and approach your business problems from new perspectives. You'll be able to create and execute campaigns by yourself without any external help.

Digital and online marketeers

You'll be the most wanted person in your company. Not many colleagues in your industry will have your skillset and mentality; this will help you to get ahead. You'll be a confident marketer with smart solutions.

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Business Development Representatives (BDRs)

Sales will be the puppet that you control with automation and growth marketing tools. The course will teach you effortless ways to find and close your prospect. You'll have the tools and time to take down big companies.

Upskill yourself now

The Ultimate Growth Marketing Course €998,25

  • Lifetime access to the full course material. Currently, +24 hours of content and will be updated regularly.
  • Access to 3 live Q&A sessions where you can ask your questions and find solutions.
  • Be part of our private Slack community (200+ members) for continuous know-how transfer
  • Access to our full growth marketing tool list (Frequently Updated)
  • Access to the quarterly GrowForce Online Summit
  • Access to a private social engagement Pod (LinkedIn Boosting)
  • Discounted first hour of one-on-one advice/implementation by GrowForce
  • Official growth marketing certificate
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